Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Gender Neutral Nursery Tour: Harrison's Room

A few months ago I posted about my plans for Harrison's nursery. I thought I would have it finished shortly after and be able to share photos as I awaited his arrival.

Then I got a cold, a swollen foot, a sore rib, and a few blood clots.

Then I had a c-section a week and a half earlier than planned.

There were a lot of things...and I mean A LOT of things that didn't get done before Harrison arrived. Part of that was because he was early, but mostly it was just life. It is harder with a toddler and sickness and then a sick toddler, but I was reminded that it doesn't really matter if my to-so list is done. Baby boy came just the same, and we all survived despite the mess.

...And I finally got the time and energy to get it completed! The blinds I ordered arrived, I wrapped up some DIY projects, and my husband got everything hung for me. I wanted to make it a bright and beautiful space without spending a fortune, and by recycling and DIYing I was able to save on a lot of could-be expensive pieces. I could not be more pleased with how it turned out. I shared a bit of a teaser on Instagram recently, but now I am excited to finally share the completed room.

(I will share sources where I can, but there are a lot of things that will not be available because they are handmade or recycled/old).

I originally picked this dresser up for our master bedroom, but as soon as I started thinking nursery, I knew it was the perfect fit. My husband found it on a local auction site, and I scored it for $72! It still needs some work on the finish for scratches and dings, but I am still obsessed, and you cannot beat that price. The hamper is from Homegoods, and the shelf brackets are from amazon with boards cut by my dad for shelves. The rug is from Overstock.

The rainbow and macrame pieces were some of my DIY projects, and the elephant was a thrifted purchase from years ago. It was originally a towel rack! The tile letter board was a Marshall's find, and I plan to use it to document his monthly photos.

The giraffes were a gift from my husband years ago because he pays very close attention, and the wooden 'Jesus' carving is from a sweet man at our church (the same one who created the letters for Harrison's name door hanging). He is always gifting the kids and fellow church goers with his handmade pieces, and I thought it was so sweet that he gave us this. When you turn it to the other side it says 'lives'. It is very unique and will always make me think of Chuck.

The framed clover is from my dad. I told the background story here when I shared Henry's nursery, but my dad has always been the absolute best at finding four leaf clover. When we were growing up he was always coming inside with several in each hand and giving them to us kids. I found one that I had saved in an old book and framed it for Henry's room. I had already planned on including one in Harrison's room too, but I kept forgetting to tell my dad I needed one. On a recent visit he walked inside and handed me a couple he had found in the back yard. Little did he know I had a frame ready and waiting for it.

The changing table is not what I had originally envisioned for this space, but I already had it and couldn't justify replacing it. I just switched out the baskets for some that used to be in my entryway, and it fit much better. The hand painted rainbow art above the changing table is another DIY with a frame from Hobby Lobby.

The sign on his door was another handmade item. My dad made the circle backing, and the sweet man from church cut out the letters I drew to fit.

The blinds are from blinds.com, and I am so glad we found them. That window is quite large, and I was having a hard time finding window coverings to fit until I came to blinds.com. They have been great for that west-facing window, and I love the texture and warmth they add to the room. The chair is the one we used in Henry's room, curtains are from Ikea (same as our master bedroom), the wooden table is from Ross, and the lamp is from Target.

This amazing piece was made by my talented aunt. I found one online without a source, sent her a photo, and she delivered in a big way!

The Jenny Lind crib was also Henry's, and that cork basket was a Target clearance find. The framed plant art are my free printables (you can get them here). I was probably most excited to get those up since I had envisioned using them as statement pieces from the start. Those frames are from Target also.

This sheep mobile from Pottery Barn was actually the first thing I bought for the nursery, and I am glad I did.

I realize that a perfectly decorated nursery isn't a necessity. Harrison hasn't slept in that room a single night, and he won't for a long time. It is just something that is important to me. Decorating and creating inviting spaces is sort of my love language. I am thankful to have this completed and to be able to watch him grow up and into this space.


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