Tuesday, February 5, 2019


I love decorating, rearranging, and refreshing a room. While my house is not as clean and put-together as it once was (hello, motherhood), I still get a bit of a high from putting together a fresh, new space...even when I know it will be trashed in less than five minutes. I always like to redo and redecorate, but when I am nesting, it is a whole new level. I totally lose my mind. I feel like I can accomplish impossible things, and I drive my husband crazy until he helps make my dreams come true. Perfect example: Henry's mini room revamp.

One thing I have been stressing over lately is our sleeping situation. People are usually surprised to hear it, but Henry still sleeps in our room. He is in his own bed, but I have never transitioned him to his own room because all the other bedrooms are so far from our quite-large-with-plenty-of-room-for-a-crib master bedroom. I was never forced to kick him out, and I like having him close. He (finally) sleeps pretty well, and when he doesn't, he is just steps away. However, with the new baby coming, I knew it was time to move him into his own room. I also knew that I couldn't just stick his bed in there. It totally wasn't necessary or convenient, but for my own sake...and my hormonal, emotional mama heart...I knew a mini makeover would help me with the transition.

It is hard to want to refresh and redo frequently when you don't have infinite funds to toss at new decor. I am sometimes a tad envious of those who can just pick out what they like and go buy it at any given moment, but I also love the challenge of making a space my own with DIY projects, shopping my own stuff, and finding a good sale. That is exactly what I did for Henry's room.

I am not great with tutorials since my projects are usually made up on the fly during nap time with stuff I have laying around. It isn't likely that you will have the same supplies on hand, and you may not want to replicate my projects/style anyway.  However, I do want to break down how I put this new space together without breaking the bank by thinking outside of the box.

1. DIY

This is almost always my go-to. If I see something online that is out of my budget or something I think I could make and save some cash, I am all over it. I also use this strategy a lot because I am super impatient and don't want to wait for shipping or a trip to the store. When I wanted to get this gallery wall planned out during nap time one afternoon, I went to my Pinterest board I had been putting together for months. I looked at all the images to figure out what they had in common and what I liked about them. Some of those things were wood pieces, fabric banners, arrows, frames mixed with unconventional shaped items, and a combination of textures and finishes.

My next move was to my craft closet. An extra old dowel rod + some scrapbook paper = arrow. A piece of felt + some scrap fabric = cute banner. Leftover rope from another project + embroidery thread = fiber rainbow. I was seriously able to hustle and get all of these things completed during a single nap time with only things I had on hand. When you force yourself to get creative, whether for convenience, cost, the challenge of it, or because you are impatient like me, you can accomplish great things!

2. Free artwork and printables

I knew I wanted to include a picture of Henry's best buddy and cousin Georgie (see above), and I had one of those on hand. I added a mat to the triangle art she created for his room before he was born, and I wanted one more framed piece. I headed back to Pinterest for free printables, and there are so many options! I honestly am not sure I am in love with the piece I chose, but that is the beauty of a freebie. I can simply find another and replace it when I tire of the constellation piece. The clover piece (below) is still one of my favorites from when I first put his nursery together. I simply framed a four leaf clover my dad had found (he has always been the BEST at finding four leaf clovers) and had him sign it "Pa". So special, so simple, and so inexpensive!

3. Shop your stuff

So much of what I used in this space was already in my home. Some of it was already in the same room. Other things were pulled from keepsakes, closets, and Daddy's collection of vintage treasures. Once you have a vision and clear direction, look through your extra decor pieces, shelves that could spare a piece or two, or your stash of sentimental items and keepsakes.

The metal airplane, Victrola dog, and Hopalong Cassidy were all from my husband's collection of treasures over the years. The plants were pulled from overflow in other rooms. The rug was in my living room until we recently got a new one for that space. The little wooden camera was mine when I was a kid. The handmade stuffed dog was my dad's when he was a little. The Kodak film tin and bookend were just sitting around waiting for a home. For practical reasons, I would never have done this makeover if I had to buy all new decor pieces and start from scratch, but by shopping my own stuff I got a fresh new space without spending much of anything! You may not have as much junk laying around as I do, but you might just be surprised at what you already have that you can use.

4. Out with the old before you bring in the new

I am not going to pretend like I found every single bit of this stuff laying around my home. I did make a few purchases, but the difference with this room is that I made sure to get rid of some things before I allowed myself to buy more junk. I sold a few lamps I hadn't used in years and a couple of clothing items to offset the cost of the few things I purchased. For an entire room, the cost was low anyway, but keeping costs low on a project like this is sort of a hobby for me.

I should probably get out more.

Cost break down:
Paint  $16
Frame  $12
Brackets  $8
Gold Lamp  $24.99
Boys Only Sign  $24.99

After a trade for supplies and selling $50 worth of unwanted items, I spent roughly $20 on this whole thing. That is crazy cheap for a totally new look, and you can do it too! You just have to get inspired, get creative, and make it happen. And don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about any other projects or pieces in this room.

I'll let you know how that sleeping transition to this cute new room goes...when I finally get tough and do it.


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