Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Nursery Plans: Before

As I mentioned recently, I was totally MIA for months after finding out I was pregnant. When I am pregnant this crazy, maternal thing kicks in where I have tunnel vision on home and family. I don't want to do anything else. I can't be bothered with things because to my pregnant brain NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Also, I felt pretty awful, tired, and nauseated, and anything that wasn't pure necessity slipped through the cracks.

There was a lot of slippage, people.

Luckily nesting hits me HARD, and I have kicked it into high gear. Now I am all about purging closets, cleaning under couches, touching up paint, writing blog posts, taking photos, revamping rooms that are perfectly fine as is, and, of course, planning a nursery.

For half a second the thought crossed my mind that I wouldn't decorate a nursery because I know he will not sleep in there for months (or if he is like Henry, years), and it isn't a necessity. I could clean that room out and make it into a functional office/guest room. I don't have to have a designer nursery to change his bottom and get him dressed in there...but then I laughed and got real with myself. Of course I am going to decorate a nursery. I LIVE for these kinds of opportunities. Shoot, I would decorate your nursery...or living room or master bedroom or mudroom if you wanted.

I can't get enough.

That being said, I also put off working on this room for quite some time. I had a rough vision of what I wanted no matter the gender, but I couldn't commit until I knew for sure. Even after we found out baby is a boy, I still struggled visualizing all the different ideas I had within one cohesive space in my head. Once I got past the holidays I realized how quickly the clock was ticking and knew I had to get my butt in gear. I had never made a digital mood board before (other than pinning on Pinterest) but gave it a go, and it was just the kick in the pants I needed.

(To download the plant artwork and others for free, click here.)

I must say I am kind of obsessed. This proved to me that all my plans would meld perfectly, if I would just clean the junk out of that room and get started. I sort of have commitment issues when it comes to rugs, but I went ahead and ordered the rug in the image as a jumping off point. It doesn't look like I have made a ton of progress, but this room was seriously packed to the max when I started. There were bird curtains on one window, piles of baby clothes, boxes for Goodwill, and basically anything else I didn't want to see in the rest of the house. This is actually a big improvement and what it currently looks like.

The good news is that all of the large pieces of furniture left in this room have a plan...I just have to get the mister to help me do some rearranging in other rooms. The ironing board and sewing table are temporary, and all the junk in the closet is either priced to sell, boxed up to give away, or it will find a new home in this room. I do have one pile of things that are most likely to say in this room as decor and several other items on my shopping list. Now to get moving...literally.

I got the curtains hemmed, ironed and hung, and some of the items on my immediate to-do list include:

  • patching the 500 holes in the walls
  • buying more paint and suckering someone into painting that large wall because it is a mess
  • clearing all the junk
  • cleaning the floors and baseboards 
  • finishing the dresser currently sitting in my garage
  • ordering a crib

I also think I might want to switch out the closet doors for sliding bypass "barn" doors, but I will need my dad to help me out with that one. I have a lot to do, but once I get going I know it will come together. I will definitely be posting an after when it is all complete. I can't wait!


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