Thursday, January 31, 2019


I have been totally MIA for the last several months. I didn't intend to be, but late last Summer we found out we were expecting baby number two. This pregnancy was a lot more intense than when I was pregnant with Henry, so I did a whole lot of nothing for months. I am a very busy person, so it was a struggle for first. Then I could do little more than lay on the couch and pry my eyes open to make sure Henry wasn't climbing on the furniture. Priorities shifted to survival, so I did no blogging for months. I have missed it!

If you have been following for very long, you may remember my post about how God knew just what I needed when he made me a boy mom. I stand by every single word of that today. Boys are fun and messy and rowdy and ornery. They are also sweet and loving and protective of their mamas. A boy will steal his mama's heart in a way I cannot explain. When Henry looks at me with those blue eyes and that little grin...I cannot imagine loving another human any more. I love watching him line up his cars on the coffee table. I love hearing him growl and roar as he plays animals in his room. I love that he is super tough, loves all things dirt and dinosaurs, and how he offers me a bite of his cookie after dinner. Most of all, I love the way he puts his little arms around my neck and parrots "wah you" when I say "I love you". He is the best. He is what I didn't know I wanted and exactly what I needed. I love having a boy.

And I am over the moon to be having another one. That's right. Baby number two is a boy, and we could not be more excited!

I am excited to hang onto my 'boy mom' title. I am eager to meet him and watch him become best friends with his brother. I am excited to revive some of my favorite baby boy outfits, ball caps, and sneakers. I am excited for more dirt and trucks and tractors than I know what to do with because little boys are great.

This is why it always catches me off guard when people sort of act as if I should be disappointed and say things like, "Well, you can always try again for that girl." or "That is exciting, but I know you would love a little girl." or "That just means you will have to try again soon."

I know most people truly mean nothing by it when they say those things, but to me having a boy is not second place. It is not like I got my second choice. I am not just making the most of the hand I was dealt. Sure, girls are cute and fun, and I am all about girl things. I love to get my nails done and dress up and shop, but there is so much more to it than that. Just because I am a girl, does not mean that I am disappointed with my boys. That thought never crossed my mind or my heart. I will always value my boys for the individuals they are...individuals with a purpose, created by God, and not second best to anyone else.

I have two nieces, and I love them beyond words. I love buying them bows and helping decorate their rooms and gifting them all the makeup and glittery things their mom won't buy. But it just feels right for me to have boys. I am actually 100% okay with being the only girl in the house, and we are not going to keep trying until we get a girl as if that is the ultimate prize. I don't want to sound hypocritical like I think boys are better than girls, because I don't think that is the case. However, maybe for our family boys are best. I don't think God makes mistakes, and He knew just exactly what we needed when He gave us Henry. He knows our family's dynamic, relationships, quirks, and the way my mama heart loves. He knows even better than I do that this baby boy is another blessing to our family, and I am happy to embrace that with another wiggly, ornery boy, maybe blonde-haired boy.



  1. Katie, first of all, Congratulations! I am also a boy mom, to three amazing little men (who aren't so little anymore as my youngest is going on 15). I for one love being a mom, especially to boys. I also endured the questions about if we were going to try for a girl. God knew exactly what He was doing when He blessed me with these boys (as we as a grandson) and I couldn't be happier. My boys love and protect me like it's their job and I can't imagine life any other way. God bless!

    1. Thank you, Vicky! Thank you for reading and for sharing. I am so thankful for the encouragement I have received and how much this post has resonated with others, boy moms, girl moms, and moms of both. People often don't realize the impact their words will have, but the point is that we love our babies no matter what!

  2. Congratulations! We are expecting our third and even though I'm only 12 weeks along, we already know it's a girl. So we'll have three little girls. I'm thrilled! My husband is a little sad he won't have a son for church father and son campouts, but otherwise, he is just relieved our baby is healthy. We lost a little boy at 20 weeks a few years ago (Trisomy 18) so that explains that. I just told him we'll have to have a 4th! And this business of bringing babies into the world is truly a miracle - enjoy that little miracle!

    1. Thank you! I am so sorry for your loss. Both of my babies are rainbow babies, but I have never been that far along. I cannot imagine...It is all truly a miracle, and I am so thankful to experience it. I am also incredibly thankful for the supporters and encouragers who 'get it'. Thank you, and congrats to you as well!


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