Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ten Best Photo Tips for Moms

Often when I am writing a post and need photos of Henry to drive home the point I end up crying over baby photos. My mission is usually sidetracked as I go through months of photos and remember how chubby he once was. Since he started walking pretty early it is sometimes hard for me to remember a time when he wasn't running all over the place. Those baby thighs! I recently went through his monthly photos from the first year, and my goodness, the changes are almost more than a mama's heart can take.

While they may cause me to get emotional and my husband to think I am crazy for sitting at my computer crying over chubby baby legs, I am so incredibly thankful to have these memories. My favorite albums are those labeled 'around the house'. Those are the ones filled with photos of Henry reading his books, lining his toy animals on the coffee table, and getting into things he shouldn't. They are the moments of un-staged real life that I love and have been able to capture because my Canon is sitting on the table.

Because I know I am not the only mama who loves precious photos of her baby, I have put together an e-book of my ten best tips for photographing your kiddos, and I am so excited to finally share it with you! We are all trying to capture those fleeting moments, and it can be frustrating when you feel like your photos aren't capturing the feeling of the moment. Sure it helps to have training and fancy equipment, but most of us don't have that. You don't have to have a "nice" camera. Don't even know what a DSLR is? No problem. These tips are applicable with expensive camera bodies, basic kit lenses, or phone cameras. Just subscribe below to have this helpful e-book with ten tips, thorough explanations, and example photos sent right to your inbox. We all want great photos of our kids, so what are you waiting for?


Now you just have to get your camera ready and keep your eyes open for some great photo ops. I would love to hear your feedback, so don't hesitate to email or comment with your favorite tip or even the awesome photos you have taken using what you learned. Now start clicking!


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