Monday, April 2, 2018

Motherhood is: Part Two

When I posted my "Motherhood Is" list a while back, I knew it could go on for days. I loved some of the suggestions you guys had, so I asked for even more. 

Y'all delivered.

                  These gems are from Cassandra, mom of three boys, and one crazy, little princess. 

Motherhood is ALWAYS feeling like you've forgotten something.

Motherhood is finding a bag of potato chips next to the toilet. 

Motherhood is packing two of everything for each child for your upcoming trip, and realizing after you get there that you forgot to pack your own socks and underwear.
Motherhood is trying to keep a straight face when your child is doing something totally hilarious that you know you should be mad about.

Motherhood is proudly wearing a team shirt to support one kid at his game, and afterward running to the bathroom to change into another team shirt before anothers child's game starts. 
Motherhood is silently having a panic attack when you make out your weekly schedule and realize you have 4 kids on 6 different baseball teams, and no idea how you will get them all to each practice.  
Motherhood is never being done with laundry. Ever.

Motherhood is laying in bed at night and going over where each of your children are, and strategizing what you'll do in case of a fire, break-in, random tornado, or the zombie apocalypse. 

Motherhood is secretly crying when you have to punish one of your kids.

Motherhood is loving and hating Christmas at the same time.

Motherhood is resisting the urge to turn into a crazy mama bear when you see a kid you know has been mean to your child.
Motherhood is sometimes tolerating your children's friends. 

Motherhood is often tolerating the moms of your children's friends.
Motherhood is worrying you aren't giving each of your children enough attention.
Motherhood is going to get your hair done, and getting a video from the babysitter of your three year old saying a bad word...a really bad one.
Motherhood is feeling like a failure every time something bad happens to one of your kids. 

Motherhood is feeling like a failure often actually. 
Motherhood is being so loved that you never have to go the bathroom alone, eat alone, relax on the couch alone, scroll through Facebook alone, or even take a bath alone.

Motherhood is taking a baseball bat to the face because your four year old decided to practice his swing while you're cleaning up something on the kitchen floor.
Motherhood is being more proud when your kid accomplishes their goal than you ever were accomplishing your own.
Motherhood, more than anything, is taking it one day at a time and just going with the flow. 


Thanks for sharing, Cassandra. I know I can relate to a lot of those...especially always forgetting something and laughing when your kid doesn't something bad. It's hard when they are so cute!

If you have more suggestions, send them my way. You just might see yours in a future post! 

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