Friday, March 9, 2018

Five Favorites Things

Do you ever find a product that you like so much you find yourself telling everyone you meet? I have found a few of those lately, so I thought it was only fair for me to share with you. I kept my post to five of my current favorites, but I think I will be sharing more favorites in this new series.

Henry has been a lover of books for as long as he has been able to hold them, but these are currently his favorite. He loves the flaps, and each book that we have has 45-60 different flaps to peek under. The book he is looking at in the photos has shapes on one page, and he actually matches the sets of shapes just from looking at this one book. That is the product of a smart baby and great learning tool. He makes farm animal sounds, we count ducks, talk colors, match shapes...he loves them, and I love seeing him learn from them. Win, win!

I love this thing so much. We have two (the elephant and a monkey), and I plan to buy another. Henry really prefers to feed himself, and this allows him to do so with no fear of the plate ending up on the floor since it won't scoot around on his tray. The dividers are great for a variety of foods, the sides are high to help him scoop, and it is dishwasher safe. I can't say enough good things about these!

Basically I am pretty obsessed with plants in general, but snake plants (also known as mother-in-law's tongue) are so tough! They are so low maintenance that I am sure anyone can keep them alive. I purchased my first two from my local grocery store, I have a couple from Ikea, and they should be available at any nursery or maybe your local floral shop. I also just saw some this last week at Home Depot. I think my first one went without water for the first three months of Henry's life, and it is still thriving. If you want some greenery to brighten up your space but don't want a high risk plant or the look of the fake stuff, get yourself a snake plant.

This stuff has been a lifesaver for much that I actually wrote an entire post about it. When I was pregnant with Henry I wanted to paint a dresser we bought at an auction for his room, and I was able to get it done thanks to this zero VOC chalk paint. I also painted his changing table and my kitchen island and cabinets before he arrived! Since then I have painted a yellow dress I purchased from an online garage sale and the record cabinet my dad built. They have fantastic color options and a variety of products for distressing, sealing, and creating custom finishes. It dries quickly and with little to no smell you can do it inside without worrying about awful fumes. I am hooked. 

5. Baskets from Target
I currently have seven of these baskets, three under my kitchen island and four (pictured) in my entryway. I use them for everything from potatoes and pasta to winter hats and even dvds. They have taken a beating from Henry pulling them off the shelf and digging in my potatoes, and that was really what convinced me to purchase more. They fit great in my Ikea shelf, but even if I change my mind and move that (which is very possible) I know I will have a use for these super versatile storage pieces.

What are some of your favorite products? Is there anything you are especially loving right now?


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