Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Love and Marriage

This is not the super serious and heartfelt post you might be expecting, but I am sure more than a few of you can relate. This is real life, and marriage is no joke. Love is not defined by the highlights and special date nights but by the day to day, digging through the hard stuff together on less than enough sleep and leftovers in the fridge. Love is...

 Photo from a set of my favorite pre-baby photos ever. PC: Kathryn & Co.

Love is putting the baby to bed so she can sit on the couch and numb her brain with Instagram after a long day of no naps.

Love is just picking up his dirty socks out of the floor instead of nagging because keeping peace and enjoying each other is more important than a couple of dirty socks.

Love is making a frozen pizza for lunch so she can snuggle the baby a little bit longer.

Love is leaving the good leftovers so he can take them to work tomorrow.

Love is letting her put her cold feet on your legs every night.

Love is not kicking him with your cold feet when he snores every night.

Love is using your Amazon gift card to buy her the book she has been wanting.

Love is making him meatloaf even though it is gross.

Love is not saying anything about her constant projects around the house, no matter how crazy they may be.

Love is hating to cook but making sure there is always something for dinner...even if it is just a frozen pizza.

Love is not complaining about how often you eat frozen pizza.

Love is working endlessly to keep house so home is a refuge at the end of the day.

Love is working your tail off every day to make sure your family has even more than the necessary provisions.

Love is having someone watch the baby so you can mow the lawn...so he doesn't have to do it after work.

Love is sitting in the car with a sleeping baby while she shops at the craft store.

Love is letting him sleep on the couch during the movie because you know he is exhausted.

Love is helping her hang a gallery wall in the place where you just hung a shelf a few months ago...

While I am aware that there are much deeper, spiritual and philosophical ideas of love, when you are married with kids the honest truth is sometimes it doesn't take much. So even if you aren't the most romantic and don't have a big, fancy dinner date planned, chances are you don't have to. It's the little, everyday things that really matter, and I will take new sofa pillows over roses any time.

What would you add to the list?


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