Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Before and After: Dining Room

This is probably one of the most low-key rooms in the house, but that window lets in a ton of light and has the best view. After getting rid of those awful yellowish walls that I think were meant to be beige and ripping up the disgusting carpet we had a blank slate.

There aren't a lot of husbands who will just nod and say 'okay' when you say you are going to spray paint metallic gold triangles on the wall while he hangs brackets for the shelves you requested, but God bless my sweet husband. He lets me paint and drill and change and rearrange to my heart's content, and I love him for it. Add the awesome chalkboard, light fixture, and table all made by my super talented daddy, and we have a bright, cheery space to pile all our junk...I and entertain. Or something like that...


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