Monday, September 18, 2017

It's hard to be a mama

It's hard to be a mama.

It's hard to have a piece of yourself out walking around (or almost walking) in this big, scary world.

It's hard to love someone so much it makes you cry.

It's hard to give all of yourself every minute of every day to someone else.

It's hard to be the best mama you can be while trying not to completely lose your identity in that role.

It's hard to find time to shower.

It's hard to be a mama and not lose sight of your role as a wife.

It's hard to spend weekends doing the things that you weren't able to get done during the week.

It's hard to be a mama when you really just want to go get a manicure and eat lunch without someone climbing your leg.

It's hard to be a mama when you just want them to go to sleep, and then when they do, you miss them.

It's hard to be a mama when you never get to sleep past 6:30 a.m.

It's hard to be a mama when your house smells a bit like a dirty diaper, and the baby is determined to eat trash.

It's hard being the one to wash the clothes, wipe the bottoms, document the memories, fix the dinners (or at least order the pizzas), plan the birthday parties, and keep the babies from eating the cat's food.

It's hard to be a mama when you feel everything-every smile, every whimper, every snuggle, every touch of their sweet little hand-to the millionth degree, and you are so excited to watch them grow and learn...but you also want to keep them little forever.

It's hard to be a mama 24/7 when you are tired and out of Diet Coke...but it is also the most rewarding and amazing thing you have ever done or ever will do. This crazy, beautiful experience is not lost on me, and I am so thankful to be Henry's mama.


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